Vertical System

A fully stainless steel vertical safety line. The wire rope system enables users to safely traverse the extent of installations such as ladders, towers and wind turbines, providing them with hands-free protection.


Free movement, uncompromised safety: This safety solution allows the user to move freely up and down the height of the structure without unclipping.

Versatile installation: adjustable mounting brackets allow the user to cover different rung heights. The innovative design of the helix intermediate brackets allows for quicker and safer installation of the system whilst reducing wind buffeting.


Meets the latest requirements: the system is independently tested and certified by SATRA to fully comply with: EN353-1:2014 and EN353-2:2002, as well as the EN365 PPE directive. This ensures that maximum force to body does not exceed 6kN.

Compact design: the shock-absorbing element is built directly into the traveller device, meaning no need for shock absorber in the line which leads to quicker, easier installation.

Fool-proof design: the system does not allow for the traveller to be installed incorrectly, ensuring safety for the user.

Fully high grade austenitic stainless steel components
ensures longevity and protection from corrosion.

Full technical assistance from the Building Envelope Specialists: our technical support team are available both in-house and onsite, bringing with them a wealth of expertise about safety systems and the market as a whole. Our UK Centre of Excellence has a training academy and in-house testing facility, including a 12m drop tower.

Extended warranty to provide total peace of mind to specifiers, installers and users. Warranty terms may be 1+24 years… or even longer than this, subject to conditions and project specification.

UK manufacture and production facility means a quick turn around,
with next day delivery available for many items.


The Vertical System can be used on a wide range of vertical structures:
  • Wind turbines
  • Telecom masts
  • Pylons
  • Buildings
  • Towers
  • Maintenance

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