Digital Construction

At SFS, we know digital construction matters. That’s why we’re pioneering the way for the future.

The age of digital construction and IoT is here, and from BIM (building information modelling) to big data, SFS UK is here to make sense of it all to make your job easier. Whether it’s scoping out fasteners and fixings, demonstrating roofing installations, or designing subframe systems, digital is incorporated into everything we do.

That means we use data not just during design and specification, but to actively aid construction, accurately estimate building lifecycle costs, and ensure optimum building performance.

How we use digital

Our core ethos at SFS is ‘inventing success together’. When it comes to digital, we work in collaboration with partners and customers to provide a seamless, integrated process. We do this in a number of ways:

For installers and contractors
We want to minimise your time on-site, and ensure you get the right products, installed right first time. With modern methods of construction (MMC), and by using our online bank of tutorials and videos, we have a wealth of digital content to help you pick the optimum products to use in different applications.

For architects and specifiers
SFS UK is a champion of BIM technology. From our fasteners and fixings to our fall protection systems, all our products are available with BIM data. This design data can then be used both during construction, and when buildings need to be deconstructed for re-use.

For businesses and building owners
Ensuring projects and buildings are delivered on time and on budget is a core focus of SFS. To do this, we use ‘Digital Twin’ augmented reality technology to enable a greater understanding of the construction performance. With intelligent products that communicate performance, we can help with future decision-making for maintenance. This allows you to have greater visibility over not just up-front capital costs, but also whole lifecycle costs of construction and your building’s sustainability.

For our partners
We are proactive digital business, and continually learn and improve with every project and building we help create. What this means is that we engage with you as early as possible to understand project specifications, and ensure our data is available in usable formats to you to help you win the business.

For more about BIM and our digital technologies, please get in touch.
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