Wind load calculations

Factory Mutual or EN1991-1-4

SFS offer a wind loadcalculation service which provides guidance on fastener spacings and the numbers required for the project being installed. This is typically for the mechanical connection of insulations (flat or tapered) and or single ply membranes to various deck substrates. The calculation provides the following information:
  • Fastener types and combinations for the materials being fixed
  • Fastener spacings
  • Estimated fastener numbers
  • Fixing pattern relevant to the roof plan
Calculations are predominantly EN standard though FM (Factory Mutual) calculations can be requested also.
Calculations are typically completed for the following systems:
  • Flat Roofing systems (insulation, single ply membrane)
  • Metal Deck to structure
  • Composite panels

Wind load calculations are often completed in combination with site specific pull tests to ensure design loads used are applicable.
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