Site tests

SFS can provide fastener performance data specific for your project or application.

SFS offer a service to determine the intended fastener performance into the site-specific substrate. This can be in the form of on-site pull testing or if project substrate materials can be supplied, this can be completed at the SFS premises in Leeds with dedicated test equipment.

Site testing covers a range of systems though, are mainly the following:
  • Flat roofing mechanically fixed systems (decking, insulation, single ply membrane)
  • Rainscreen façade supporting framework (helping hand bracketry to masonry)

Site testing also covers the sealing element (where applicable) to ensure the fasteners are providing both a weather seal and/or an air seal in the form of a vacuum test. This test involves creating a vacuum over the fastener heads and washer to ensure that the suction load applied is constant, indicating a correct seal is achieved.

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