Longleat Forest Centre Parcs

SFS worked with Delomac to develop a compliant specification for a subtropical swimming paradise and restaurant facilities


The Centre Parcs model for all UK locations focuses around a central area housing a subtropical swimming paradise and restaurant facilities. Keeping the central area open without impacting guests was key to this project. A tall order, achieved through meticulous and effective planning. Originally completed in 1994, the existing membrane and glazed rainscreen systems were in need of refurbishment. The brief was to remove the existing glazing and coverings, deck support frame re-modelling and install new insulated deck with simple large expanse blown ETFE roof-lights whilst maintaining unrestricted, safe guest access.


Center Parcs and the consultant team were rigorous in their specification of fasteners and method of containing the chlorinated environment of the pool areas. SFS provided all fasteners for deck attachment. Specifically for the pool area this included the TDA-S, TDB-S and TDB, R5 (1.4547) grade stainless steel fasteners for the attachment of the deck and also RV6604-6-4W aluminium rivets for the deck stitching requirements.


SFS worked closely with Delomac and the project engineers, Alan White Design to come up with suitable fastening systems that included R5 grade stainless (EN 1.4547) self tappers to fix the aluminium deck. These were manufactured by SFS, and supplied with certificates of conformity at the request of the client. Super austenitic R5 grade stainless steel fasteners were especially developed for chlorine rich swimming pool environments and are now specified by pool specialists. This is to offset the risk of chlorine induced stress corrosion cracking, a particular type of corrosion that can occur in such environments.                 

Project highlights

Centre Parcs UK

Main contractor
SDC Builders


Longleat Forest, Wiltshire

OEM Application
Sika Sarnafil membrane

TDA-S, TDB-S and TDB, R5 (1.4547) grade stainless steel fasteners and RV6604-6-4W aluminium rivets 

  • Winners of the refurbishment award - SPRA Awards 2016
  • Finalist in the UK Roofing Awards 2016
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