Modern Methods of Construction

Adopting the practices and principles of MMC can speed and simplify your build process.

Bringing together off-site manufacturing and on-site construction, modern methods of construction (MMC) is spearheading a new wave of architecture and construction. A modular, fluid approach that minimises time, cost and environmental impact. Here’s how…

Realise the benefits

Essentially, MMC is an attempt to build faster and smarter by streamlining the supply chain and synchronising off-site and on-site activities. And, looking at the benefits, it’s clear to see why it’s moving into the mainstream. Reducing build time, improving quality and consistency, and bridging the skills gap have a positive impact on the whole construction process. But it’s vital to choose the right methodology – which all starts with logistics.

Plan for logistics

Synchronising off-site manufacturing of systems and solutions with the on-site construction process is a gradual methodology. Adopting MMC en masse, after all, would be immediately hampered by logistics – there’s only so much material you can fit in the average transport vehicle. Instead, planning and logistics should become part of the process; working towards just-in-time supply chains and maintaining a keen overview of all project data and movements are critical. But there are other solutions to augment this methodology…

Build it yourself

Construction products are increasingly taking a ‘platform’ approach. Manufacturers are driving down assembly times on site by supplying solutions as a ‘kit of parts’; a self-assembly approach that requires standard equipment, no specialist skills and minimal labour. It’s another way that MMC streamlines processes on site, by bringing part of the assembly focus into the manufacturing stage.

Of course, achieving this depends on early engagement of the supply chain, collaborating at a higher level to make life easier and more efficient for everyone.

See the bigger picture

This, ultimately, is linked to our final recommendation for an MMC-driven site: thinking in terms of the whole, not the parts. Whole systems, whole projects, whole buildings. Taking a wide-angle view of the process from start to finish is key to making MMC work.

This is also something that we do at SFS, by creating and supplying full solutions, not simply products. By working with you in a more collaborative supply chain, we can deliver custom systems across the building façade, for safer, more secure buildings, and a smoother project on site. We know we’re just one part of the whole, but it’s this kind of approach that’s shaping the future of construction, for the better.
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