TK Maxx Distribution Centre

Steel-to-steel fixing goes nut-free


70,000 nonut® TDBL fasteners have been used in the 3-storey structural mezzanine system of TK Maxx's 516,750 ft2 northern distribution centre.

The nonut® TDBL was used for columns and beam-to-column connections. The product's unique design enabled design changes to be made to the mezzanine structure, improving structural performance and benefiting installation.


The nonut® TDBL self-threading screw enables the secure connection of pre-drilled supporting steel structures without any nuts or washers. Compared to the traditional method of using nuts, bolts and washers, the precision-engineered nonut® TDBL fastener is faster, more efficient and more secure. The installer only needs one component and one hand tool. Installation is one-handed and requires access from just one side.

Thanks to its innovative design, with its thread-free zone and additional serration under the head, the risk of over-driving in thin steel is prevented and the connection remains robust. European-manufactured to a high quality, the plated carbon steel, case-hardened fastener is available in eight variants according to length, diameter and clamping length.

Andy Stolworthy, Director of Product and Market Development, at SFS UK says: "The traditional method of fixing steel structures together by using bolts with nuts and washers represents an unnecessarily awkward and time-consuming task. We've worked to overcome this by developing the nonut® TDBL, a technically superior fastener in one piece rather than three. It's a risk-free alternative that is guaranteed to make steel structure assembly faster, and the customers get the peace of mind of knowing that it’s a product from a global-market leader renowned for quality." 

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