Ice Arena

SFS and Euroclad deliver project for major 3,000-seat ice arena at Cardiff Bay’s International Sports Village


There were a number of challenges to overcome from the outset, primarily the choice of roof and wall products to achieve the aesthetics. Forming part of the £250 million project for the International Sports Village (ISV) the dual arena featuring an Olympic standard ice rink and a smaller second rink for leisure events, was designed by Scott Brownrigg.

Wrapping the monolithic shaped building, the walls and the roof of the 6,000m2 arena installed by Massey Cladding Solutions, feature a transparent façade, allowed naturally diffused daylight inside during the day, as well as artificial light to the outside at night. It was important that the chosen solution would sit comfortably on such a high profile sporting venue.


Euroclad's Vieo wall profile was chosen to help deliver the sleek, modern and unique aesthetic experience that stood out among other world class venues. The functional needs of the building also presented an unprecedented series of challenges, driven by the internal environment of the Ice Arena.

SFS supplied a fastening systems to suit a modified build up of a Vieo application which included the addition of 2 layers of a Gypsum based board onto a bar & brack system prior to the Euroclad Vieo external finish.

An example of this collaborative approach can be seen in the way that the roof and wall systems were developed, with valuable input from all parties, which resulted in a new system that:
  • Achieved the demanding performance requirements
  • Could be manufactured efficiently
  • Could be practically install
  • Did not compromise the desired visual appeal

Project highlights

Cardiff Council

Scott Brownrigg

Main contractor
Massey Cladding Solutions


OEM Application
Euroclad Vieo wall profile

Austenitic stainless steel fasteners

Project value

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