Edgware Road Station Building

SFS NVELOPE® NV3 brings colour to the underground at Edgware Road Station


Transport for London (TFL) wanted to create a dramatic, arresting edifice using strongly patterned panels designed by local artist Jacqueline Poncelet, incorporating iconic themes such as cars and the underground logo, within the abstract patterns.

Unusually, the cladding on this building is purely decorative. The panels reach right down to ground level, so the cladding had to be extremely durable and graffiti resistant. Vitreous enamel panels are often used on the London underground for signage and internal cladding. They were chosen for this project for their durability and ability to have pattern applied.


This project posed several challenges, including access issues and a building with walls which deviated by as much as 70mm in places. To add to the challenge, the project required 1,529m2 of cladding panels, each weighing 45kg. Façade Concepts specified the NV3 system to support the panels. However, as the vitreous panels aren't normally put to this use, stiffeners were specified to support the panels and prevent warping. We also worked with the installer to develop a bespoke clip to attach the panels to the supporting system.

Ordinarily this project would require 60mm brackets for installation. However, because of the 70mm deviation within the walls a range of brackets was used, from 60–120mm. In fact, an additional 650 brackets were used to compensate for the deviation. We were able to provide the full range of brackets, rails and clips for the challenges and bespoke nature of this project.

Matt at Façade Concepts says, "We have had great support from NVELOPE®. The service is good and we have trust in them. When I phoned up at 3pm the order arrived on site the very next day."                 

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Transport for London

Jacqueline Poncelet

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NVELOPE® NV3 with bespoke clip

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