Evron Wharf Apartments

SFS supply KGM Roofing on award-winning luxury apartment development


Weston Homes have developed 182 luxury apartments across four blocks, overlooking the River Lea navigation canal. Situated on a former industrial estate, the apartments are designed with functionality, style and comfort in mind. The beautifully landscaped grounds include gardens, a central courtyard, a wildflower meadow and river walkways. The development also includes underground parking and balcony space for residents to enjoy the river views.


KGM Roofing was the roofing contractor appointed to achieve the architectural vision. The impressive curved roof was installed across three buildings. This included vertical installation of a Kalzip standing seam secret fix system.

SFS supplied fixings to the project, including stainless steel self-drilling SX fasteners with an irius® (L12) head. The irius® head is an ideal solution for when aesthetics are paramount, like on a luxury project such as this. A low profile head form, the irius® has been designed specifically for applications where the fastener has to fulfill all its normal structural requirements whilst, at the same time, blend in unobtrusively with the roof or cladding. It can be powder-coated for colour matching purposes and the innovative underhead drive system enables ease of installation, whilst also offering a high level of tamper-resistance.

Also included in SFS's solution was the unique SDK halter fix which is designed for zero risk of over-driving, along with RV6604 aluminium BULB-TITE® rivets for fixing standing seam.

KGM Roofing's work on this project was nationally recognised, with the contractor winning the 'Roof Sheeting' category in the NFRC UK Roofing Awards 2016.                 

Project highlights

Weston Homes

KGM Roofing


Stainless steel self-drilling fasteners, SDK halter fix and BULB-TITE® rivets

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