Shakespeare House

To clad or not to clad? That is the question


NVELOPE® NV1 vertical cladding support systems have been installed on a refurbished apartment block in Hackney to provide an attractive external envelope that regenerates the area.

Shakespeare House has been transformed from a low quality housing block into eighteen modern apartments. Redesigned to create spacious living areas, the building has been completely insulated to improve energy. BPTW Architecture, aimed to add a contemporary feel to the housing, and decided to over-clad the building with an attractive Corium brick cladding system.


A versatile cladding support system was required. The building was extended to provide a fourth floor, constructed from a light steel frame. Having worked with SFS previously, Paneltec Services Ltd, specialist envelope contractor, immediately specified its NV1 vertical system for this 800m² building.

Neal Clark, Project Director at Paneltec Services Ltd, commented: "We use NVELOPE® products on nearly every project that we complete as the technical information the team provide is very essential to our design. The NV1 product was a perfect fit for this project and was incredibly easy to install. We did not experience any problems during construction and were able to complete the job in the required time frame."

NVELOPE® NV1 system is designed for concealed fix and structural bonding applications. The NV1 system was the ideal choice for this project as it allows for expansion and contraction of the cladding when under strain from various weather conditions including strong winds.

All NVELOPE® cladding systems can be engineered to project specific requirements thanks to the expertise of its technical design support service.                 

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Islington and Shoreditch HA

BPTW Architecture

Paneltec Services Ltd

Hackney, London


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