Koru Florya

SFS are proud to supply the designer W-Tec 3D+ concealed hinge for the prestigious project in Istanbul

Completed in 2016, Koru Florya is a major 280,000 sqm mixed-use development in the vibrant Florya district of Istanbul, Turkey.

The scheme features 86,000 sqm of luxurious residential space, with 300 high-end dwellings and apartments, and 50,000 sqm of up-market retail space, across a two-storey shopping mall, with 200 shops including various restaurants and leisure facilities.


A high quality, adjustable hinge system was called for to be in keeping with the luxurious style of the complex. It was required to be concealed when fitted, in order to maintain the aesthetic demands of the project. A lot of value was also placed on finding a reliable and experienced supplier.


The project management decided to collaborate with SFS. In addition to the highly competent technical support, the load-bearing strength of the W-Tec 3D+ concealed hinge was of particular importance. It meant that it was possible to reduce the number of hinges from three to two units for each door on a project of this scale, it made all the difference.

The W-Tec 3D+ is a robust hinge, specifically designed to stabilise the opening and closing of the door. Which is available in three versions to meet different capacity requirements and comes in a number of coloured variants to suit the most modern design interiors. All three versions can be applied easily on: timber, cover or steel frames with the appropriate accessories.                 

Project highlights

Aydinli Group

MCAU / Kraft Mimarlik

Florya district of Istanbul

W-Tec 3D+ concealed hinge range

Project value

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