Dynamic 3D-N Hinge

Universal hinge for Eurogroove for doors and windows

The Dynamic 3DN hinge is the SFS answer for those who want a universal hinge for application on the Eurogroove. Designed for doors, French windows and windows in different materials such as PVC, wood-aluminum, aluminum or wood, it satisfies the need to use a single hinge for doors and windows in different materials. 

In addition to being adjustable in three dimensions, it can be applied quickly and easily thanks to the use of a single standard tip and the specially designed template. Like all SFS hinges, it has passed the test of 200,000 cycles with a 110 kg door, confirming the quality standards our customers are accustomed to. The variety of finishes, PVC-U or metal allow the Dynamic 3DN to be adapted to any type of design enhancing the aesthetics of the window.
Dynamic 3DN
  • Independent adjustments can be made by one person 
  • Adjustable in height -2 / + 6 mm, laterally +/- 3 mm and in depth +/- 2 mm 
  • Applicable on PVC, wood-aluminum, aluminum and wood 
  • Quick and easy assembly 
  • Capacity up to 110 kg. with 2 hinges 
  • Wide range of finishes available on request 
  • CE EN 1935-2002 certified 
  • Patented product


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