Easy 3D Ø 20mm Hinge

Very high corrosion resistance and certification 

The range of Easy 3D recessed hinges is suitable for application on heavy doors and is easy to apply and adjust. The very high resistance to corrosion, the presence of the safety screw and the wide range of finishes, allow to give the door a unique and valuable appearance. The Easy 3D hinges family guarantees quick and easy assembly. Adjustments in the three dimensions can be made easily and conveniently with a single Allen key. The adjustments are independent of each other and can also be made with the door closed. The Easy 3D hinges are symmetrical (both right and left) and their three-body structure ensures perfect stability and maintenance of the position perfectly aligned.
Easy 3D Ø 20mm
  • Adjustable + 3 / -2mm in height, +/- 3mm in lateral and +/- 2mm in depth 
  • 160kg capacity with 2 hinges 
  • Available for different leaf thicknesses and for applications with and without soundproofing gaskets

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